Aventon eBike Elite Plus Dealer

General terms & conditions

I agree to pay above total amount according to card issuer agreement.
No returns will be accepted past 30 days. Items must be returned in original packaging and include receipt, ID, and customer information. A 20% restocking fee may apply to all returned items. By virtue of my receipt of this invoice and acceptance of the items listed herein, I hereby agree that I will not use the items purchased other than in a manner consistent with their design and intended purpose and I hereby release and hold harmless Action Factory, LLC, a Florida limited liability company d/b/a E-bikes and Cycles Company and its directors, officers, volunteers, members, employees, and agents, from any and all responsibility, liability, claims, damages, costs, attorney's fees, expenses, and from any and all causes of action either known or unknown, relating to arising out of the use of the purchased items in a manner inconsistent with their design and intended purposes.