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Blaupunkt Bikes

Ebikes and Cycles Company is pleased to bring Blaupunkt Electric bikes to our store in 2022...

Folding frame

Equipped with an folding frame, the Blaupunkt can be easily folded and thus reduced in size by half. In just 4 steps, the folding e-bike becomes a handy and easy-to-stow “package”. The low weight of approx. 21 kg (47 lbs) also makes it easy and comfortable to take with you on the bus and train.

LCD display

The 3 levels of the motor are controlled via the easy-to-read LCD computer. It also provides important information such as the current battery life, route information, speed and much more. The engine power can also be completely deactivated.

Rear Hub Drive

The strong 36-volt rear wheel hub motor with 50 Nm provides the perfect support, which together with the integrated and powerful lithium-ion battery forms a perfect team. The motor is durable and maintenance-free and to protect the battery, the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) always ensures an optimal energy supply.