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Yamana Electric Bikes

Yamaha has been a driving force in the electric bike business for over two decades, offering power assist bikes in three categories: Fitness/Lifestyle, Road and Mountain.

All bikes are beautifully designed, powered by one of three Yamaha’s Power drive units with a triple sensor system with integrated Speed Sensor, a 500Wh Li-ion Battery, and powerful LED display.

Power Units

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles offers three excellent drive units: the PWSeries SE, PW-X, and the all new PW-X2. All are center mount systems in which the drive unit and battery are secured close to the pedals to create a low center of gravity and outstanding weight balance for excellent riding stability. Each motor style offers an integrated speed sensor in the rear hub which increases motor response to give a natural and organic feel on every ride.


Locked in place during your ride, the powerful 500Wh battery is stealthy and quiet in its anti-vibration docking station. Yamaha offers a side exit battery which allows for decreased top tube stand over height. Removing the battery will reveal an integrated hand carry which makes it easy to transport away from the bike. Quick charge the battery with Yamaha’s high speed charger.

Multi-Function Display

Easy to use and easy to read during all types of riding with multi-color LED lights for a quick visual reference to show you which assist mode you are using and maintain your focus on the ride. The LCD display is backlit with a pleasing and subtle hue that is easy on your eyes without being a distraction. A Micro-B USB port is located at the bottom of the display case to charge your phone or other accessories.